Christians Must Oppose BLM

This oped piece ran on June 12th on Disrn.

Here is the link: Opinion: In loving black people, the Church of Jesus Christ must oppose Black Lives Matter  

It is an amazing piece of writing by Peter Heck.

In loving black people, the Church of Jesus Christ must oppose Black Lives Matter

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The church of Jesus Christ must promote biblical justice and a spirit of peace.  These ideas are not conflicting, and it is not difficult for a Christian to pinpoint who has been fomenting confusion amongst the brethren on that point in recent days.

There is a creepy, tyrannical pressure being placed by pop culture when it comes to its adopted socio-political preferences these days: “Agree with us, tweet what we tweet, post what we post, join our hashtag, say what we say, or we will destroy and cancel you.”

As much as I wish my fellow believers would play no part in kneeling before such ungodly demands of men, would seek first the applause of heaven rather than the earthly approval of peers, would follow biblical instruction to be shrewd as serpents when dealing with a world hypnotized by the ancient serpent himself, it hasn’t been happening in recent days.

To be sure, black lives do matter. Every one of them. Their lives matter because they bear the image of the Creator. That demands my respect, my esteem, and my honor.

It demands I listen to them when they speak. It demands I sympathize with them when they hurt. It demands I sacrifice for them when presented with the opportunity. It demands I defend them when they are insulted.

It demands my prayer be that God produce in me a consistency between the words I preach – “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – and my actions.

And it also demands that I recognize my greatest act of love to the world is preserving the sound doctrine of Jesus over the counterfeits and forgeries that man desperately peddles in his eternally futile effort to subvert God’s authority.


That is why it is imperative that the church of Jesus Christ today make abundantly clear the critical distinction between speaking the absolute truth that black lives matter and the act of endorsing an ungodly political movement usurping the slogan to attract an unearned credibility to its dangerous ideology.

In other words, Christians will embrace the God-ordained truth that “black lives matter” while rejecting the neo-Marxist organization “Black Lives Matter.”

This isn’t an exercise in hurling pejoratives or slanderous assumptions. Black Lives Matter Global Network is a veritable political operation, organized and funded under ActBlue Charities – a Democrat Party technology company that, “enables Democrats, progressive groups, and nonprofits to raise money on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software.” It is a political movement boasting a political agenda.

On its website, under the banner “What We Believe,” Black Lives Matter articulates that their agenda includes a mission to, “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure,” “foster a queer‐affirming network,” and war against “heteronormative” and “cisgender” privilege while promoting transgenderism.


Believers won’t fail to identify each of those as rebellion to God. The nuclear family structure isn’t “Western-prescribed,” other than the fact that Western Civilization once promoted what was “Scripture-prescribed.” Seeking to “disrupt” the right of every child to have a mom and a dad demonstrates not only an ignorance of all sociological data on well-being collected over the last century, but more concerningly, a flagrant disregard for the model God says works best.

Moreover, it is hardly surprising that Black Lives Matter advocates a “queer-affirming network” given the “queer-theology” so intricately woven throughout the black liberation theology model of James Cone that animates this so-called social justice machine. By teaching that the gospel of Jesus was to be interpreted through the lens of black oppression, Cone not only truncated the glory of the full gospel of Christ, he paved the road for other victimized groups to do the same. Liberation Theology, Feminist Theology, Womanist Theology, Post-Colonial Theology, and Queer Theology all owe their existence to Cone’s false teaching.


Yet that is the movement that so many desperately uninformed Christians are choosing to walk in a well-intentioned effort to “love like Jesus.” They have already succumbed to the cultural pressures to embrace the spirit of the age and join hands, either figuratively or literally, with a movement that has explicitly participated in street violence depriving an untold number of “black lives” of their lives and livelihoods all in the name of “justice,” has called for the outfitting of a “military” arm for “war on police,” and has partnered with those who profit handsomely off the genocide of millions of black babies. Biblical illiteracy is as staggeringly prevalent, particularly among young Christians, as the ubiquitous desire to be considered woke.

These souls have been seduced by what Paul called “the fine sounding arguments of men,” into exchanging “the truth about God for a lie.”

The landmines are everywhere, and the “black lives matter” vs. Black Lives Matter distinction is but one example. Prudent Christians will test everything against the Word before taking their next step, no matter how many woke voices beckon.


Published by Martin Kohl

I belong to another time and place. Sadly, that world no longer exists. I long for my home. I long for the desert. I miss the old America. I mourn for what once was, and will never be again. So I blog and write and remember.

2 thoughts on “Christians Must Oppose BLM

  1. I’m glad Mr. Heck had the courage to write this.

    In an era of pandemick cowardice, that is something we cannot fail to laud.

    After having though about this carefully, I think my response to this mantra that many want us to us recite, is thus : ‘If Jesus Chryst Matters, then it will be right, and, if He does not, it neither will be nor does it have any chance to be.”

    On a minor footnote, I saw Alex Jones interview the founder of The Black Panther Party, a certain My. Pinckney, who said, ‘I’m tired of all this ridiculousness, ALL LIVES MATTER.’

    Surrounded by Blacks in my Southern town, I do not need the Urban Left lecturing me on how to get on with my neighbours.

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  2. i read only 1 in 6 BLM terrorists are actually black.
    who knows what is true anymore…you cant even trust what you see.


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