Why Now?

As a follow up to a blog I wrote yesterday on the “LGBTQ affirming” church in Austin, Texas called, Austin New Church, I ask a very fundamental question: Why now?

First some history.  Not long ago history, but within my lifetime.

In 1978, I became a Christian.  I was 19 years-old.  I was baptized in the Biblical manor in a Church of Christ in Phoenix, Arizona.  (Acts 2:38, 1st Peter 3:21)


At that time, I had fellowship with a lot with other Christians in other congregations and I knew many in other denominations and I was always keeping up with the latest news of church happenings in Arizona and the US.

NOT ONE CHURCH or Christian I knew in 1978 was “LGBTQ affirming” and accepting of homosexuality.  No “Gay Pastors” or “Lesbian Ministers.”  No rainbow flags flying above church steeples.  No churches, pastors, or evangelists were saying “Gay is OK.”  There was no such thing as “Queer Christians.”

This was only 42 years ago.  (I am 61)


So what happened?

Why now?

Why in 2020 is this sweeping churches like a plague?

These questions become more chilling the further you go back into history.  Why now?  I don’t have all of the answers, and I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories or far-fetched interpretations of the Book of Revelation.  But the history of the church and our faith provides some clues to the answer of; “why now?”

For almost 2,000 years now, some of the greatest minds in and out of the church have studied every word, every phrase, every parable, every aspect of the Holy Scriptures.  They have examined canonical and non-canonical books: most are in the Bible, others are not.  They have looked at every context, every Greek and Hebrew word.  Some names are known:

Augustine of Hippo, Justin Martyr, Clement of Rome,

Tertullian, Thomas Aquinas, Billy Graham, C. S. Lewis, etc., etc……

I could go on and on.  Many of them you have never heard of.

And what do they all have in common?

What do all of these Christians from all over the planet going back to the 2nd Century all agree upon?

That Homosexuality is a grave sin. 

That there is no dispute in scripture on Homosexuality.


So why now?  Why in 2020 are there thousands upon thousands of “Bible-Believing” Christians, one church after another, embracing Homosexuality and dismissing what the Bible says about it?

What has changed from 180 AD to 2020 AD? 

What new Biblical “truth” about homosexuality has emerged in the last 20 years that was hidden from Biblical scholars for 2,000 years?

What new evidence has emerged that God wants homosexuals to be preachers and teachers and accepted in the church?

The answer?  NONE.  No new evidence.  No hidden Biblical truth revealed in just the last 20 years.  No new scripture that contradicts 2,000 years of Biblical theology and scholarship.  No new Dead Sea Scrolls have been found that say, “Gay is OK.”

9996186-3x2-xlarge (1)

Why now?

I have no definitive answers, only suspicions.

Suspicions that the World, with all of it’s evil, now controls many large denominations and churches.

Which is more likely, applying an “Occam’s Razor” to the question?  (William of Ockham was a Christian by the way.)

What is more likely?

(A) Over 4,000 years of Jewish and Christian theology and Biblical scholarship is wrong, and only now, in the last 20 years had God “revealed” his true feelings about Homosexuality.  Namely, that Homosexual conduct is right and proper and part of God’s plan for humanity.


(B) That rather then the church “salting” the culture, the culture at large, steeped in sin, wickedness and rottenness, had rotted Christianity and the church from within, destroying it’s “saltiness” and rendering it malleable and soft for a takeover.  4,000 years of Biblical teaching has been rendered null and void in the last 20 years under the guise of “progressiveness” “God’s love” and “church reform.”

I believe that Homosexual activists and infiltrators have undermined churches from within, and renamed sin and degeneracy as “God approved loving relationships.”

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”  Matthew 5:13


Published by Martin Kohl

I belong to another time and place. Sadly, that world no longer exists. I long for my home. I long for the desert. I miss the old America. I mourn for what once was, and will never be again. So I blog and write and remember.

2 thoughts on “Why Now?

  1. “So what happened? Why now? Why in 2020 is this sweeping churches like a plague?

    Thank you for this well-written editorial. It’s very complicated, as you well know, and, given that there is but so much time for this evening, This Southerner will confine himself to the big picture – as far as The Good Lord gives him the ability to see it.

    This nation was formed by 3 parties – New England Yankees, White Southerners, and English Jewry.

    In those days, White Southern Oligarchs were the most powerful people in the land, and so it was in the early decades of this country that things went The Southern Way.

    New England, however, was very uncomfortable with that, however, because Southerners have a view that goes nowhere.

    Southerners are, as a whole, content to live decades, centuries, and millenia, within the same view. This came with Charles’ Cavaliers here, and The Scots-Irish, all who, though for varying reasons, wanted to get away from a modernizing Britain and seek their fortunes here, whilst being left alone.

    New England was never like that, they, being founded on Religious Extremism and the notion that the whole point of life was to seek a pristinely moral Shiny City on a Hill.

    New Englanders are, as a group, constitutionally incapable of establishing a status quo and maintaining that

    New Englanders, as a culture, are obsessed with enacting egalitarianism and attaining virtue via intellectual asceticism and moral pruidery.

    As to The Jews : ——— they divide into two basic groups – those Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox being like Southerners – those who see every before them from the prism of the past, and, that so, they wish to be left alone to maintain their status quo.

    The other Jews, more mainstream Conservative, Reform, and Rothschild-like secular Jews are constitutionally incapable of not tinkering with things, to see if something yet more favourable to them might be created.

    In this, these Jews have the perfect allies in The New Englanders, and, indeed, many all over this country, in the big cities, today.

    Add to this the fact that every culture that is Christian, in every period of history, colours it’s faith with it’s cultural views.

    What better to illustrate that than the beautiful Gaelick Cross? ;—— it the cross of Our Lord standing in the middle of the fascinating Pagan Celtick circle.

    As of 2020, the role of The South in this nation is almost entirely degraded, and, that so, the vehicle of the nation is being driven by the other two, The New Englanders and The Secular Jews as a car without a brake.

    In my view, this is what happened, and, until a new political power arises in this nation, perhaps a United Rural America, the dynamics we see at play today in the fetishes towards making a society of gay super heroes, will continue far beyond that.

    What could be coming?

    Well, how about demonizing and doxxing all meat-eaters, that a political drive towards what ultimately could be the utter outlawing of any food product that had to be slaughtered – even fish?

    Next could be the stigmatizing of sports and the outlawing of it – this because sports train people to accept, participate in, and value events that produce unequal results?

    Another possibility which we already see rising is the outlawing of any gender distinction. We see this in the new official Southern Baptist Bible where the terms he and she are replaced, and it goes on from there.

    So, there you have it – my answer to your basic questions.

    From an Orthodoxy and or Traditional Christian point of view, The New England and Secular Jewry-led culture is an abs9lutely heresy and blasphemy, yet, given how this country psychically is, I see no end to it.

    Do you?

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